To us, you’re more than just a number.

You’re lots and lots and lots of numbers that — taken all together — tell a very specific story about you and your health.

Numbers are at the center of the collaboration between Highmark and Lehigh Valley Health Network. They give us insights that help your LVHN doctors develop more effective preventive care plans so you can live more and worry less. They help us work together more efficiently to find life-saving resources for members with serious conditions. By sharing clinical and claims information, we can collaborate to give you access to care that’s quicker, more affordable, and more personalized — because it’s tailored specifically to you.

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While we’re sharing numbers, here are some you should know about us.

22:  the number of years running that Lehigh Valley Hospital has been ranked among the nation’s best hospitals by U.S. News and World Report. 

7:  the number of hospitals in Lehigh Valley Health Network, including the region’s only children’s hospital.

2016:  the year Highmark and Lehigh Valley Health Network started working together to improve the quality of health care in your area while reducing costs.

More numbers? Sure thing.

As a Highmark member, you have in-network access to Lehigh Valley Health Network, including:

  • 81 Testing & Imaging Locations
  • 45 Rehabilitation Locations
  • 30 Pediatric Specialties
  • 26 Health Centers
  • 18 ExpressCARE Locations

To Find a Lehigh Valley Health Network Doctor or Facility That is In-Network and Near You Call:

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To Find a Lehigh Valley Health Network Doctor or Facility That is In-Network and Near You Call:

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